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Head Office:
6 Pavlov Street
Windhoek West
P O Box 3772, Windhoek
Republic of Namibia
Phone : +264 61 238358
Mobile: +264 81 249 0868 Email: victorm@iway.na



Promotion of resource based developmental initiatives for local and regional economic growth can be a challenging experience with plenty of headaches such as designing strategic plans, facing aggressive counter- interventions, legal frameworks, changing market conditions and consumer preferences or compliance with national legal framework and supporting agencies requirements. NGOMA Consulting Services offers ranges of technical and management services to help entrepreneurs, rural community initiatives, government departments and development agents to refresh their strategic approach and competitive edges in executing their planned developmental agenda.


A leading consulting firm for strategic business development and environmental management services


Provision of superb business development and environmental management services to guarantee innovative designs and sustainability plan in sought developmental initiatives


  • Tourism development planning and stratergy formulations
  • Business development, management and metorship services
  • Natural resources management and CBNRM support services
  • Project management and implementation
  • Project monitoring and appraisal services
  • Environmental management services

    1. Business Development Services

    1.1 Business Planning and Development
    NGOMA Consulting Services conduct feasibility studies in various fields, crafts business plans on par with entrepreneur’s business visions, for a start-up enterprise, growth or for finance and horizontal investment. Writing a business plan is an essential part of entrepreneur to condense his business ideas. A business plan gives entrepreneur the marketing strategies and product growth modalities that help to gain competitive sales and attract credible customers. We work with institutions and entrepreneur from business idea through to implementation, providing tailor made solutions to ensure business success. These include the following:

  • viability and market research
  • development of business plan
  • sourcing of funding (optional)
  • local economic development strategy
  • Tailor made training services for SMEs

    1.2 Integrated Natural Resource Management

    NGOMA Consulting Services provide services in areas of community based-natural resource management, forestry management; community based tourism enterprises development and related natural resource-based income generating initiatives destined for promotion of rural communities livelihood.

    1.3 Business Analysis and Mentorship Services

    We do introductory business consultations, whereby we sit down with our clients at their business premises. Listen to their needs, challenges and conduct business analysis to solicit business operational limitations, potentials and mentor the entrepreneur accordingly. We work hand-on with entrepreneurs provide managerial guidance, advice and coach them through business problems. These are tailor made sessions that enable entrepreneurs to develop skills and psychological ability to manage and run their businesses successfully.

    2. Environmental Management Services

    NGOMA Consulting Services has qualified Environmental Assessment Practitioners, thus consulting on various listed activities in compliance with Environmental Management Act and its regulations. We primarily specialize in assessing the impact of developments on the surrounding biophysical, social and economic environments through the environmental impact assessment process.

    We do: Environmental Assessment (Scoping report), Public Participation Report; full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Social Impact Assessment; Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

    3. Project Technical Support and Appraisal Services

    NGOMA Consulting Services offer technical supports on project management strategies formulations, implementation plans, and marketing. In addition, we do appraisals, as well as project monitoring and evaluation services.

    The Team

    NGOMA Consulting Services is managed by consultants specialized in community-based natural resources and environmental management, project technical support and appraisals, business management and mentoring services, tourism development plans, marketing and entrepreneurship training services. The consulting is driven by experienced and qualified Namibian personnel, who understand the dynamics of Namibia biophysical and socio-economic environment; it’s political, technological and associated legal framework.

    Some key project executed:



    Planning, marketing and coordination of UNCCD COP11 technical tour to Omaheke Region

    UNCCD Namibia organizing Committee

    Provision of management services to Ongwediva, Ben Hur and Okashana Rural Development centers


     [March 2013 - March 2016]

    Ministry of Regional Local Government Housing and Rural Development

    Africa Adaptation Project: Building the foundation for a national approach to Climate Change Adaptation in Namibia. [Final Evaluation]  

                                                                                   [Nov - Dec 2012] 

    UNDP- Namibia

     and MET/DEA

    Environmental Scoping study and EMP Reports for rural schools power supply routes in the Ohangwena and Oshikoto Region 

                                                                                    [Feb-July 2012] 

    MCA- Namibia

    Provision of technical support for the implementation of six investment proposals funded by the World Bank GEF in the Hardap, Kunene and the Erongo region                                                [Nov 2009 – April 2012]

    NACOMA Project

    Basic Business Management and Bookkeeping Training for Microfinance Beneficiaries from ten (10) regions across Namibia

                                                                                [Nov & Dec 2011]

    Ministry of Regional Local Government Housing and Rural Development

    Coordination of ICEMA Community Funding Facilities project investments


    [May 2010 – Mar 2011]

    ICEMA Project

    Feasibility study on Ruacana Water Falls tourism development options for Uukolonkadhi - Ruacana Conservancy                [Feb - March 2010]

    Rossing Foundation

    CBNRM – Unit

    Project Progress Review: Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Management

    [Mid-term Evaluation]                                              [November 2009]

    GTZ - Namibia

    Sustainability Plan Visioning and financial management training for North Central Conservancies and other tourism enterprises

                                                                                 [May –Sept 2009]

    Rio Tinto Mine

    (Rossing Foundation)


    Development of Land Degradation Monitoring Systems

                                                                        [November – May 2009]


    MET -  DEA

    Provision of mentoring services to Bank Windhoek 16 ESME clients in and around Windhoek                                   [June 2007 – Sept 2009]

    Bank Windhoek and Consult Buro Pty Ltd

    Tourism Development Options Plan for King Nehale Conservancy – Oshikoto Region                                       [October – November 2008]

    King Nehale conservancy     


    Identification of viable economic and commercial activities at Kalahari Border Post – Omaheke Region                               [June – Aug 2008]

    Ministry of Trade and Industry

    Mentorship: Ohandje Artist and Eudafano Women Cooperative                          


     [July 2008 – Nov 2009]

    Namibia Development Trust & MAWF

    Development conservancy integrated sustainable business plan for Ruacana and Sheya Uushona Conservancies

                                                                         [Nov 2007– Jan 2008]

    Integrated conservation & ecosystem management (ICEMA)

    Awareness Raising for : Groundwater Investigation of the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin                                           [August 2007 – March 2008]

    BGR-Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry

    Impact assessment of rural roads and water Infrastructure towards rural poverty reduction                                             [Sept – October 2007]

    NPC/Rural Poverty Reduction Program (RPRP)

    Development of Ohangwena Regional Council NDP 3 submission                    

                                                                                    [May-July 2007]      

    National Planning Commission (NPC)

    Designed funding proposal for Kalahari Melon Seeds Processing and Conservation Information Centre (phase1 completed)                        

                                                                                         [June 2007]

    Global Environmental Facility [GEF/SGP] & King Nehale Conservancy

    SME-Business Development Consulting firm for Omaheke & Khomas Regions on Business Support Services Program  

                                                                       [March 2007- on going]

    Ministry of Trade & Industry

    Market research and compilation of conceptual framework for the development of low cost housing scheme                 [June – Nov 2006]

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